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TIPS Toe Nail Conditioner

TIPS Toe Nail Conditioner

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  • Size:0.31 fl. oz. / 9mL
  • Use to:
    • Rid yourself of splitting, peeling, cracking, brittle or dry toenails
    • Reduce your thick overgrown cuticles
    • Produce and maintain strong, flexible, beautiful natural toenails
  • Directions:
    Apply first thing when you wake up before your feet touch water. If applying later in the day apply at least 1 hour after your feet have been in water, socks and/or shoes. Apply on the nail, up to the first knuckle, down the sides and under the nail. There is no wait time and you can freely wash your feet after application.
  • For Fingernails:
    • TIPS Toe Nail Conditioner can also be used on your fingernails.
    • We recommend TIPS Toe Nail Conditioner when there is severe preexisting damage (from artificial nails, an accident etc.) or when you are on medication that is known for increasing or decreasing moisture content of your nails such as thyroid medication.
    • Once your nails have grown out fully we recommend you switch to TIPS Nail Conditioner to maintain your strong, flexible, beautiful nails

In our daily routine, our feet are exposed to a great deal of heat, dampness and humidity. A typical pair of feet will release nearly a cup of moisture a day. This moisture contains salt, which is very drying and irritating to the skin, nail and cuticle. These factors compound to make toe nails dry, weak, rough and brittle. Clinical studies have shown that chronic exposure to moisture increases the brittleness in nails.

TIPS® Toe Nail Conditioner is a more concentrated version of our TIPS® Nail Conditioner specially formulated to transform your cracked, dry, peeling nails into strong, beautiful nails. TIPS® Toe Nail Conditioner provides the nail and cuticle with beneficial natural ingredients, inhibiting the absorption of damaging substances that bombard the nail structure daily.

Results vary with different users, but within weeks of commencing daily Toe Nail Conditioner applications, you should begin to see a marked improvement in the texture and condition of your nails and cuticles. Your nails will become more flexible and less vulnerable to chipping, cracking and splitting. Each bottle is on average a 3 month supply costing you only pennies a day.

Size: 0.31 fl. oz. / 9 ml

Part of TIPS, The Incredible Protection System
5 Stars
No comparison
I was stupid enough to waste my money on 3 other nail oils...one is even made in Cambridge, Ontario. But, I've come back to TIPS! My nails still snapped off with the other oils.....oh, they moisturized my cuticles just fine and it even looked like the oil was penetrating but what's the use if your nails still snap off. My nails are getting stronger and whiter every day that I use TIPS. I use TIPS for Toes as my nails have horrible ridges and after consistent use of TIPS, the ridges seem flatter and smoother. I will never stray from TIPS again...lesson learned!
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Reviewed by:  from Barrie. on 5/31/2016
5 Stars
Never stop making this product!!!
I have been using TIPS for the last 10+ yrs. I used to have very brittle nails, and was extremely surprised how quickly my nails improved when I started to use TIPS. Before I knew it, I had so many people compliment me on my nails. My whites were whiter and everyone was amazed with my cuticles. Even my nail technician stopped doing my nails. There was nothing for her to do...my nails were in pristine condition. Last year there was another product that I was introduced to and I thought I would try it....what a MISTAKE!! After a few weeks, my nails were brittle, splitting, cracking and peeling. It has taken the last few months of babying....but my nails are back to looking amazing..thanks to TIPS!! I have always and will always recommend TIPS!! Never stop making this product!!!
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Reviewed by:  from Canada. on 7/7/2013
5 Stars
No product like it.
No product like it. My nails and toe nails are more than average prone to cuticle build up. Regular salon treatments do not keep them in check. TIPS does, and I no longer visit any salon.
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Reviewed by:  from Canada. on 10/12/2012
5 Stars
I wanted the best and the quickest results.
I have started using the tips for toes on my fingernails because I wanted the best and the quickest results. My fingernails are growing well, my whites are white and I haven't broken on in over two weeks since using it. I am also using it on my children's toes. They have weak nails that crack from playing on the ground and just rough play. Their nails are stronger and look better. I hope the results keep going...
Did you find this helpful?  3 of 3 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from Canada. on 6/21/2012
5 Stars
Really happy with the results.
This past January, I purchased and started using the TIPS for nails and toes kit from The Shopping Channel. I hoped the TIPS for toes could help with my very thick, yellow, brittle, ugly big toe nails. I can't believe the transformation! I use it only once a day and there's a very visible difference in the new nail growth, plus the existing nail is much more moisturized and not cracked and ragged. It's even helped with ingrown problems. I've also been using the TIPS for nails faithfully and have noticed a marked improvement around my cuticles and my nails are in much better condition and look great. I've broken a few nails over the last month as I've had my hands in water quite a bit getting some spring cleaning done, but I know that if I hadn't been using TIPS, my hands and nails would be a mess! I've ordered another one of these sets so that I don't run out! Really happy with the results.
Did you find this helpful?  5 of 5 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from Canada. on 4/18/2012
5 Stars
Only products that work
The skin in the corners of my nails tends to split, which not only looks painful but is painful, especially during the dry winters. TIPS nail conditioners are the only products that work to heal the skin, plus my nails get a much needed boost! I simply coat the area with nail conditioner and follow with the skin conditioning milk. What a relief!
Did you find this helpful?  6 of 6 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from Canada. on 12/12/2007

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