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For best results follow these instructions and if you have any questions give us a call toll free at 1-877-275-5566.


  • Apply TIPS Nail Conditioner first thing in the morning before your hands touch water or at least 1 hour after your hands have been in water. If your nail is full on water there is no place for TIPS to absorb into.
  • Apply TIPS Nail Conditioner to your cuticles, the top of the nail, up to the first knuckle, down the sides and underneath the nail.
  • Do not try to massage TIPS into your cutciles. Instead rub your hands together like your washing them or putting on lotion.
  • You can then immediately was your hands as TIPS is in your nails and will not be washed off.

Cuticle Care

  • Cuticles are a natural seal or barrier that protects your body from harmful infections and bacteria like fungus.
  • Never cut, trim massage or push back your cutciles. When your cuticle is irritated or damaged in any manner your body thinks its defenses are under attack and will grow them back thicker and larger.
  • When treated with TIPS Nail Conditioner thick overgrown cutciles should reduce and naturally recede to a healthy size.

Filing and Nail Maintenance

  • The quickest way to achieve long, strong, natural and beautiful nails is to start with nails that are damage free. Always trim as much damage off as possible waiting for your nail to grow if the damage is too deep.
  • Damage will always run down the nail and the longer your nail is the faster that damage runs.
  • Do not use a file to shorten your nails use nail clippers or scissors. If you picture your nails as a bunch of straws in your hand and you move your other hand across the end of those straws it pulls them apart. This is what happens when you use a rough nail file to shorten your nails.
  • Correct filing will help your nails maintain their strength and resist splitting and peeling.
  • Ask Nail File is designed to smooth out the rough edges on the end of your nail to avoid snags and catches reducing splitting and peeling. It should only take a few seconds for each nail to be filed correctly. If you take the end of one nail and rub it across another it should feel like glass. File away any catches or rough edges.
  • Do not file the sides of your nails as they are the support beams that give your nail support and strength.
  • The strongest shape to cut and grow your nails is a square shape. We recommend growing your nails in this shape until your nails are at your desired length.
  • Avoid using hard objects to clean under your nail as this can erode the nail structure and promote splitting, peeling or chipping. Instead use soft brushes or other like material.

Hand Lotion and Creams

  • Many hand creams and lotions contain waxes and silicones many of which can strip lipids from your nails and skin. These products will also leave a barrier on the surface of your nail and skin. TIPS Nail Conditioner and TIPS Toe Nail Conditioner are unable to penetrate through these waxes and silicones.
  • We recommend the use of TIPS Skin Conditioning Milk as it is designed to work with TIPS Nail Conditioner boosting its penetration boosting the effectiveness and TIPS Skin conditioning milk contains no waxes or silicones

Nail Polish

  • Anything that dries on your, like nail polish, dries out your nail and robs it of essential lipids making it more prone to breakage and damage.
  • Do not use nail polish type hardening or strengthening products that dry on your nail. These products dry your nail out and are counterproductive to increasing the lipid content and strength of your nails.
  • If you wear polish, we recommend that you use TIPS Nail Polish Remover.
  • TIPS Nail Polish Remover exclusive formula contains our secret ingredient and will condition your nails as you apply it. You will no longer get the white chalkiness when using TIPS Nail Polish Remover. It will compensate for lipids usually stripped from your nail by solvents. For extra protection treat your nails with TIPS Nail Conditioner after removing your polish.
  • When using TIPS Nail Conditioner in combination with TIPS Nail Polish Remover your nails will become resistant to the yellow/orange staining from nail polish use.


Wear gloves when you are using any cleansers or chemicals.


Buff, shine or file the top surface of your nails, as such actions irritate the cuticles and remove layers of your nail tissue unevenly. The outer, or top surface layer of your nail is denser and it is designed to be tougher to protect the inner layers. Buffing, shining or filing this protective layer away can leave the nail unprotected. Exposing unprotected layers of nail tissue to the environment weakens the nail structure, leading to damage and breakage.

TIPS Nail Conditioner Results

Be patient and things will improve. It took time to get where you are, and it will take time to get back to healthy looking natural nails. This is time well spent.

Look for changes and results in and near your cuticle, where your new nail is growing in, not at the ends of your nails where the tissue is approximately 9 months old. The first change will generally be in the color of the nail or the cuticle. The pink gets pinker and the white gets whiter. You will notice a difference in the visible texture, condition and moisture content of your nail and cuticle. Results vary with different users, but generally speaking, with everyday use as directed, results will first start to be seen within 4 to 6 weeks depending on the damage and condition of the nail and the environment the nails are subjected to and your nail will fully replace itself within 4-9 months.

There may still be intermittent nail breakage over the next few months as your old nail grows out and your new nail grows in. It’s similar to a sturdy brick wall (your new nail) pushing against another older, thinner brick wall that has less mortar (your old nail) eventually the weaker wall starts to collapse. This breakage will become less and less. You can minimize breakage by following the instructions to cut and shorten your nails to remove all damage at the very start of this system. Damage in your nail that you can see and touch cannot be repaired as your nail is dead tissue and therefore it cannot heal or repair itself like your skin can.

All damage that occurs in your nail must be immediately filed or cut out. You will not save your nail length by ignoring damage because any damage will only run further into your healthy undamaged nail tissue if left unchecked. Keep them shorter in the first few months and follow the instructions above for filing and maintenance.

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