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How Works

Water and other substances cause damage to your nails. Many people do not realize how water damages and weakens our finger nails and toe nails alike. Water destroys the natural binders in the nail tissues with repeated absorption (swelling of the tissue cells) and evaporation (shrinking of the tissue cells) of the water into and out of the nail. Imagine a sponge that has water poured on it. The sponge swells up as it absorbs the water, however when the water evaporates from the sponge, it dries up again. This constant swelling takes place in our nail tissue whenever we have our hands exposed to water. For most of us this happens several times a day. 

TIPS is designed to penetrate your nail and cuticle area and is absorbed almost immediately increasing lipid content of the nail. Unlike other products, which dry on your nail, this unique conditioning treatment is not on your nail, but rather it is in your nail, thus providing your nails and cuticles with the necessary protection caused by excessive or repeated exposure to water or other damaging substances. That is the reason why we recommend applying TIPS when your nails are the driest, in order for them to absorb the maximum amount of our solution. When your nails are full of TIPS they cannot absorb water and that is one of the ways that TIPS helps to protect your nails from damage.

TIPS® has been proven to penetrate deep into the nail by the California Skin Research Institute

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